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The Falcons' best argument is, 'We've got other people to

  • April 3

    take care [of],'" Corry said. "What else can they say? They can't say, 'Well you haven't achieved the things as these other highly paid quarterbacks have.' How many playoff wins does Kirk Cousins have? Zero. How many playoffs wins does Matt Stafford have? Zero. Jimmy Garoppolo hasn't even started a full season yet."

    Condon, who represents both Stafford and Brees, secured $92 million guaranteed for Stafford in a five-year extension in September. And the fact that Brees took a hometown discount to remain in New Orleans most likely has Condon pushing for a Erik Haula Authentic Jersey different outcome with Ryan. "Here's why I don't think Matt Ryan is taking a discount: His boy is Stafford, and Stafford didn't take a discount," Corry said. "You think he wants to hear from his boy about how he took a discount?" Here are some other elements Corry pieced together related to how Ryan's extension might come together:
    Length of contract: Ryan has one year and $19.25 million left on the five-year extension he signed in July 2013, so it essentially was a six-year deal. "He's 32, 33, so he's not quite in the Cousins' position where I don't think it's going to be something where you add two years so you have three years total and all three are fully guaranteed," Corry said. "I think it's going to be more along the lines of what those quarterbacks around the same age did a couple years ago with Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers. They all signed four-year extensions. So I expect it to be a four- or five-year extension."
    Bonuses: Ryan's last contract included a $28 million signing bonus and $12 million option bonus built into the second year. Corry sees the same thing happening this time. "That's their preferred structure," Corry said. "I don't really like it from a team standpoint because DeAndre Hopkins Authentic Jersey if you make a mistake like you did with [Sam] Baker, then you're going to have a lot of dead money from the acceleration of both the signing bonus and the option bonus. That's why, from a team standpoint, I don't like it. I love it from a player Delanie Walker Authentic Jersey standpoint because it makes it harder for you to get http://www.officialnationalstore.com/Daniel_Murphy_Jersey cut. You don't see a whole lot of http://www.bengalsnflofficialprostore.com/WOMENS-JOSH-MALONE-JERSEY.html teams using that concept anymore."
    Clearing cap space: Much was made of the Falcons and Ryan not coming to terms before the start of free agency, which most likely would have cleared cap space since Ryan's cap hit is $21.65 million. Corry doesn't think it would have mattered all that much in relation to the free-agent market. "You were already a good team, so you didn't need to be out there in on [the] spending spree in free agency," Corry said.
    "Even if you picked up $10 million in cap room by doing his extension before free agency, you still weren't going to be in a position to go http://www.officialusahockeysshop.com/Cheap_Olympic_Dustin_Brown_Jersey shopping in the high-rent district. You weren't ever going to be in the position to do that no matter when you did his extension. You have priorities that aren't related to free agency. You've got extensions you need to start taking care, especially with these young defensive players [Grady Jarrett, Ricardo Allen, Vic Beasley Jr.]."
    It was one of my first days in the Parabolic Performance NFL prep program when the trainers took out the cones. They assembled three of them in the shape of an L. We all knew what was coming. The three-cone drill is something most of the participants had seen before. Most of us, if not all, had never actually run it before.
    This is likely a common scene every year when NFL hopefuls begin preparations for the scouting combine and pro days. Like everybody else, I’ve watched from a distance as prospective NFL players blaze through the drills with ease.It seems simple enough. If 300-plus-pound guys can do it, so can I. It left me wondering: How I could do in these events (sans the 225-pound bench press)? So this year, I decided to make it happen.
    The good people at Parabolic took me in as if I were a real athlete and allowed me to participate in their NFL prep program along with close to two dozen prospects ranging from a safety from Valparaiso to offensive linemen from Wagner, Monmouth, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, to name a few. It wouldn’t take long for me to realize how much went into the process, and how hard it was on a middle-aged body, which, while in decent shape, was not used to these types of explosive movements. I was a part-time participant (approximately three days per week) in a program designed to improve performances for what are effectively job interviews for the NFL.
    “We’re teaching them to move efficiently,” trainer Justin Moore said. A lot easier said than done for a 39-year-old sports reporter than a 20-something soon-to-be professional athlete. But I learned how to run, jump, breathe, set up in the proper stance, navigate turns and all sorts of minor details that help maximize your performance for pro-day drills.
    I made the biggest gains in this event. When I began, they tested my functional strength and asked me to do jumps off one leg. It was embarrassing. Maybe you could fit a Jolly Rancher between my foot and the ground when I tried to soar. All the squats (something I rarely did prior to the program), jumps and deadlifts paid off. My legs were exponentially stronger by the end of the process. That was noticeable, as were the gains in my jumps, which improved steadily.
    My key for this drill was to jump using my entire foot, not just off the toes. This was drilled into me for weeks by my trainer Kris Enslen. It worked. My jumps were higher when concentrating on keeping my entire foot on the ground. The other thing was to fire down and then up quickly when jumping. Don’t be deliberate. Be violent.
    I did well with that. I was having trouble nailing the red tile in the video for weeks. Barely nicked it a couple times during workouts. Nailed it handily on my first try at the pro day. It was good enough for a massive six-inch gain from start to finish. For a minute at least, it made me think I’m not a terrible athlete. Even if, some days, I was watching Maryland defensive lineman Kingsley Opara jump 36.5 inches before or after me. cheap nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys from china wholesale nfl jerseys cheap jerseys cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys