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The Roll Tooling Is Equally as Important as the Mill

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    April 14

    Typical sheet metal forming equipment and automated steel bending processes allow for flexibility benefits often at a cost of tolerance. Having a mill designed to manufacture a wide range of products can be beneficial where part tolerance and quality isn’t the most important metric. As an example the galvanized corrugated sheet metal roofing products are often used in building and construction where tolerance isn’t a huge issue. Building dwellings where the design allows for a wide range of dimensional variance will then translate in to a rollformer that can also have the same variance. What do you do when you require tight highly accurate and repeatable tolerances? This is where the custom Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine for sale comes in.

    The increasing demands of today’s part and component manufacturing have placed steel fabricators on a downward slide. The pressure to reduce cost and increase quality has pushed companies to find new and innovative ways to manufacture complex parts and profiles.

    The custom roll former is engineered to a specific part or component profile design. This profile shape is typically very complex and specific to one or two applications. In order to reduce part waste and maintain a high uptime having a custom cable tray roll forming machine line and auxiliary equipment is essential. The rolling mill its self is designed specifically to the needs and requirements of the custom part. Often roll former manufacturers will utilize an off the shelf design for their cold forming mill in order to reduce costs. This strategy is often flawed simply because it doesn’t take in to consideration the requirements of the custom design.

    The roll tooling is equally as important as the mill. This is where the forming really takes place. Understanding the specific stresses each roll and stand go under when forming sheet metal is critical to providing a high quality custom profile. Trying to reduce costs here will result in unpredictable forming and high re-work costs.When look to manufacture a custom part or one with complex bends and profile shapes makes sure you consider the impact of the complete forming process.


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